Rachel Olsthoorn

Lecturer in Anthropology


M.S Archaeology, spec. Human Osteology & Funeral Archaeology, Leiden University, Netherlands, 2013
B.A Cultural Anthropology, emphasis in Archaeology, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2010


Professor Olsthoorn has over nine years of experience working in various aspects of archaeology including the identification and analysis of human remains and material culture analysis (including knapping, useware and residue analysis). She has worked as an archaeological technician, supervisor and survey technician on sites in California, Belize, Greece and the Netherlands.

Laboratory experience includes identification, photography, and analysis of archaeological assemblages from varying cultures and time periods including Native American, Mayan, Minoan, and Medieval European.

Over the last few years, Ms. Olsthoorn has specialized in the identification and analysis of human remains using non-invasive techniques including, but not limited to, Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) and Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA). Currently, as a lecturer at California State University Channel Islands, Ms Olsthoorn teaches lower and upper division courses.

Additionally, she volunteers with State Parks working on repatriation of Native American remains and is working on perusing a PhD in Osteoarchaeology. —Rachel has a Bachelors of Arts in Cultural Anthropology, emphasis in Archaeology, as well as a Masters of Science in Archaeology, specializations in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology and Artifact Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands


Bioarchaeology, Osteology, Funerary Archaeology, Paleopathology, Paleoanthropology, Forensics Anthropology, Early Medical Practices, Human Evolution.

Email: rachel.olsthoorn@csuci.edu

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