• We assure all Anthropology students that we are here to support you in these difficult times. Our program follows the American Anthropological Association and affirms our commitment to the values of diversity, equity, and human rights. We call on our faculty, staff, and student colleagues to apply their research, scholarship, practice, and teaching to overturning the deeply entrenched institutional sources of race-based inequality that are barriers to a more just and sustainable world.

    A few announcements:

    • Dr. Delaney is currently the chair of Anthropology. Please contact her with any program or faculty concerns-- praise of faculty, staff, students, and program actions are also welcomed!
    • Dr. Jaime Matera is the undergraduate advisor. Please contact him regarding major/minor paperwork
    • Dr. Matera is advisor for the Anthropology Club.
    • Research/travel funds: each academic year every CI student may apply for up to $700 for research funds or to travel to conference (as a presenter, or simply if attending). In the COVID-19 era, the money can only be used for virtual conference registration, or for select resource needs (such as online database subscriptions). See below for more suggested conferences. Please note, registration fees will not be covered for conferences “taking place” in Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, Iowa, Idaho. You may also contact Dr. Delaney for more information.

    Announcing a new opportunity for students!

  • The campus Cultural Resource Management Team: Anthropology has created a first of its kind program in California: The campus cultural resource management team (aka the archaeology team) works with campus staff and our Chumash partners to safeguard campus cultural resources. The team is open to all students, regardless of major. Training is provided, and students can earn academic credit, and possibly even paid employment. Students learn skills to obtain paid employment in industry even before graduation. The team was recently highlighted at CI:
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