CSU Channel Islands offers an undergraduate major and minor in Anthropology. Explore the options below.

Courses offered in Fall 2019

Course NumberCourseTitlePlanned Spring Field Trips
ANTH 102Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology-
ANTH 104Introduction to Bioanthropology-
ANTH 104-1LBioanthropology Laboratory$5 lab fee
ANTH 105Introduction to Archaeology-
ANTH 106Culture and Communication-
ANTH 323Native Californians-
ANTH 332Human Ecology$60 course fee, fieldtrip
ANTH 352Applied Anthropology$165 course fee; field trip
ANTH 353Visual Anthropology$120 course fee; field trip
ANTH 375Qualitative Research Methods-
ANTH 443Medical Anthropology-
ANTH 444Values and Valuables (Economic Anthropology)-
ANTH 446Altered States of Consciousness-
ANTH 485Forensic Anthropology-
ANTH 485-LForensic Anthropology Laboratory-
ANTH 489Professionalism in Anthropology$30 lab fee
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