CSU Channel Islands offers an undergraduate major and minor in Anthropology. Explore the options below.

Courses offered in Spring 2021

Course NumberCourse TitleModality
ANTH 102Introduction to Sociocultural AnthropologyAsynchronous
ANTH 104Introduction to BioanthropologyAsynchronous
ANTH 104-1LBioanthropology LaboratoryAsynchronous
ANTH/ESRM 332Human EcologySynchronous
ANTH 345Human Evolution and DiversityAsynchronous
ANTH 352Applied AnthropologySynchronous
ANTH 443Medical AnthropologyAsynchronous or Synchronous
ANTH 446Altered States of ConsciousnessAsynchronous
ANTH 470Developing Anthropological PerspectivesAsynchronous
ANTH 486Experimental ArchaeologySynchronous
ANTH 490Maya Archaeology (Seminar)Synchronous
ANTH 492InternshipAsynchronous
ANTH 494Independent StudyAsynchronous
ANTH 499Capstone ProjectSynchronous
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