Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

The Anthropology major is a 42-43 unit major; students are encouraged to declare a second major or minor in another discipline, depending on their interests.  Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and all major courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Lower Division Required Courses - 13 units

Catalog NumberCourse NameUnits
ANTH 102Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 104Introduction to Bioanthropology3
ANTH 104LBiological Anthropology Laboratory1
ANTH 105Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 106Culture and Communication3

Upper Division Required Courses - 18-19 units

Choose three of the following four courses - 9-10 units

Catalog NumberCourse NameUnits
ANTH 375Qualitative Research Methods in Anthropology3
ANTH 377Archaeological Method and Theory3
ESRM 328Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
SOC/POLS/PSY 303Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences4

All students must complete the following - 9 Units

Catalog NumberCourse NameUnits
ANTH 470The Development of Anthropological Perspectives3
ANTH 489Professionalism in Anthropology3
ANTH 499Capstone Project3

Upper Division Elective Courses - 15 units

Students must select any 5 courses from the Program's upper-division offerings.

Catalog NumberCourse NameUnits
ANTH 310World Prehistory3
ANTH 323Native Californians 3
ANTH/ESRM 332Human Ecology3
ANTH 345Human Evolution and Diversity3
ANTH 352Applied Anthropology3
ANTH 353Visual Anthropology3
ANTH 361Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean3
ANTH/ESRM 365Natural History and Resource Management of the California Channel Islands3
ANTH/HIST 442The African Diaspora3
ANTH 443Medical Anthropology3
ANTH/ECON 444Values and Valuables3
ANTH 445The Seacoast Through Time3
ANTH 446Altered States of Consciousness3
ANTH 464Anthropology of Gender3
ANTH 480Archaeological Reconnaissance3
ANTH 481Archaeological Excavation3
ANTH 485Forensic Anthropology3
ANTH 486Experimental Archaeology3
ANTH 490Seminar in Anthropology3
ANTH 492Service Learning/Internship1-3
ANTH 494Independent Study1-3
UNIV 498Faculty-Student Collaborative Research3

Required Supporting, GE Elective Courses - 77-78 units

Area of StudyUnits
American Institutions Requirement6
Other GE courses45
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