Student Funding Opportunities

Anthropology students are fortunate that CI has a variety of research and travel funding opportunities available.

CI Campus: Student research travel grants are available at CI, which provide funding for travel, lodging, and food when students participate in academic conferences. Anthropology students have been awarded funds to present at local, state, and national conferences. A general campus fund pays for registration and travel to students presenting at the Southern California Conference of Undergraduate Research (SSCUR). The Santa Rosa Island research station has a fund earmarked for students conducting capstone research on Santa Rosa Island. Anthropology students have utilized these funding sources to do research on the Channel Islands, as well as participate in conferences such as the annual meeting for the Society for California Archaeology.

Archaeological opportunities: In the past CI Anthropology students have received scholarships from the Ventura County Archaeological Society and the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society. The Society for California Archaeology also has awards such as Student Paper Competition at the annual meeting and the Charles E. Rozaire Scholarship for Student Research in California Archaeology, which could support capstone research. Keep an eye out for announcements for these competitive scholarships.

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